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Saturday, 5 May 2012


Mamta Kulkarni is not that old actress, but less of the people remember here now. The real reason behind ignoring Mamta Kulkarni so early is that she came in Bollywood industry like a twister and shocked everyone and vanished away. Her fame in film industry which can also be called her distruction..... wasn't for long. Mamta was self-confident and she used to do things be her own. She doesn't care about world. She was was used to say anything without caring anybody. She was ready to do anything to get fame. Though she got the fame but she had to pay it price. Her co-star actresses started to hate her and most of the people of her time predicted that her fame will be over soon.
                     Their predictions were right. If we see her life so we think of a Veena Malik. Mamta Kulkarni was born in Mumbai. Her family belonged from Maharashtar. Mamta wanted to be an actress from her very childhood and she had realized that she is beautiful and she has all the abilities to become an actor. Though she got a chance to work in South Indian movies but her aim was to become a Bollywood star. It was her real destination. In 1993, she picturized a shoot like Veena Malik. Though she was behind from Today's Veena Malik. Her upper part of the body was without clothes but it was before 19 years. In that time it was a big deal for a girl to shoot this kinds of photos. Mamta's shoot crazed everyone. This shoot famed her. It was the first time an Indian actress had done such kind of nudity. Nude pictures of Mamta was published on Magazine cover.
        After this shoot, Mamta started to get film offers from the big directors. Bat thing happened to her that many people critisized her badly. The bad thing was many of the famous actresses were also critisized about her. Mamta answered them all, "If this work was done by Hollywood actress Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Jolia Roberts and Damie Moore so we appreciated them on their work...what a film..... what a nice song.....!" But when Mamta Kulkarni does this so everyone critisizes her badly. I know other actresses don't want me to get famous and if they think that i don't know anything about her personal life so they are wrong if i open my mouth about their work so they won't be able to face anyone."
            After is Mamta got a chance to do an item song in film "Ghatak", after it she got loads of offers. According to her statement, she did a famous film "China Gate" whose director was Raj Kumar Santoshi. Mamta took lessons from an action specialist Tanu Verma for the movie. So they became friends and after some time they became together. Fimli peoples were shocked that their was a great difference between Mamta and Kulkarni. Mamta was a beautiful actress whereas Tanu was a simple ugly face man and he was also a married man. People were shocked to know what Mamta saw in Tanu.
            Many famous hereos were crazy for Mamta but Mamta was crazy for Tanu. According to sources, Mamta also got married with Tanu. They both went to Ujen for this and there they both got married. Mamta tried to hush it all up but their marriage news and pictures were leaked on the screen. Mamta stated that she went o Ujen with Tanu for a social work not for getting married.
          Though her fame began to ruin. After some incidents and news her fame started to destroy. There was an incident that Tanu's wife caught both of them red handed in a hotel room and she shouted. I scolded them and it was seen by everyone in the hotel.. It was all happening during the shooting of "China Gate" and Raj Kumar Santoshi was very upset with these news. At last he knocked Mamta out from his movie. What could be worse Mamta started to shout and called the press and told them that Raj Kumar got her out from his movie because she didn't do one thing for him. Santoshi had to get her back in his movie. Mamta was very powerful. She went o Film financer. He was also crazy about Mamta's beauty. He refused to give more finance to Santoshi on the request of Mamta. That's why Santoshi had to get Mamta back in this movie.
               Though Mamta did this movie but it ruined her. Filmcaster refused to cast her in their movies. She didn't have anyone left in the industry to get her a role or something. At last when no one left to take her in any scene so she started dancing for wealthier people and politicians. She gained more permutation by dancing in item songs. The most shocking thing is she didn't get this life too and after some time she began to take any interest in dancing. People invited her in their parties but she wouldn't go. She became so quiet. It also came to hear that she had a nervous breakdown. Before this, she was attacked of depression. She was disappeared from everyone's eyes. Today, no one doesn't exactly know where she is and how is she. A website writes that she's in America now and having wonderful life with her husband and kids..... but it's not true. None of the sources proved it right but some resources told that she's admitted in mental hospital in Los Angeles but now she's counted in those patients who can't be recovered now!
              Who would have thought that such a wonderful actress will get this ugly end!http://bollywoodmixnews.blogspot.com/2012/05/mamta-kulkarni-beautiful-actress-worst.html