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Monday, 7 January 2013


Yash Chopra big brother B.R Chopra had seen loads of girls for him and he tried Yash to get married with one of them but Yash only said, "Neither I want to make any girlfriend nor I'll marry to any girl." Then the next day, B.R received a call from his friend and he told him that Yash has found a girl of him dreams in Delhi, whom he wants to get married. Though, Yash married in Delhi and Yash's wedding ceremony was held in Mumbai. He was the first man of Yash family who had done a love marriage. He got married on 20 August, 1970.
            Yash's wife name was Pamela Singh and Yash met her in his nephew Ravi Chopra wedding, where song competition was going on and Pamela has sung some songs. Yash Chopra impressed with Pamela's voice but not that impress to fall in love with her quickly. They hardly met each other after that. But when they met each other, none of them had a feeling of love for each other. Yash Chopra's family pressured him to get married now because Yash was 37-year-old. Till then, he thought that he should get married now. When he decided to get married so thought of Pamela Singh, whom voice he liked a lot. B.R Chopra arranged the wedding ceremony at Taj hotel. The guests who had been invited, were Abdul Rashid Kardar, Dilip Kumar, Rajindera Kumar, Sunil Dutt, Raj Kapoor, Balraj Sahini, Shimi Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Feroz Khan, Randheer Kapoor, Nargis, Mena Kumari, Saira Bano, Sadhna, Simi and Raj Kumar. B.R Chopra had sent his relatives members to honeymoon by his own before. He also sent Yash Chopra for world tour honeymoon, that lasted to November 1970.
                   Yash had already decided to separate his business and residence from elder brother. Though, that took him whole one year. He separated without any fight or cause. Both of the brothers didn't close their eyes from each other after getting apart. Yash always said that whatever I'm today is only because of my brother. He has raised me. Whenever Yash watched two brother's fighting scene or he also picturized it so Yash got emotional. Yash always had a feeling that brothers can't fight ever. Media rumored about Yash and his brother's separation but Yash only wanted to make his future by his own. When he separated from brother's company so he was just a employee. On his 39th birthday 27 September, 1971 Yash debuted his production house "Yash Raj Films". His sons have the equal shares of the production now. Yash lived in his friend's flat after separation. Then, he bought a flat from singer Mohammad Rafi which was on fifth floor. Though, he made his own bangalow near with the bangalow of Dharminder but this flat was in his possession till his death. Some people who used to work in B.R Chopra's company, came to Yash company. There were also some people who worked for both of them. Sahir Ladhanvi permanently had started to work with Yash. He didn't ask Yash for the permutation but he waited to the film's release. When money came, Yash paid him. After Sahir's death, Yash went so emotional and said I didn't find anyone like him yet.
                        He was very upset before his debuted film as a producer 'Daag'. He was thinking If film failed so everyone will think that he had been only taking credit of his elder brother. Rajesh Khanna was his film's hero whose career was declining. Rajesh's 7 to 8 films had flopped badly. Film was censored on the day when Rajesh secretly married to Dimple Kapadia. Dimple Kapadia had found by Raj Kapoor for the new face in his film 'Bobi' in 1973. During those days, 'Daag' heroine Rakhi also wedded to Gulzar. Though, film's distributor and financer Gulshan Rai was already appreciating the film but he was also upset for the film from inside. But when film booking was started so it was known that they're going to need more prints because 12 prints for Mumbai weren't that enough.. After the great success of 'Daag', Yash chopra signed Amitabh Bachchan and decided to make 'Kabhi Kabhi' but before he could start it, he liked the script of Saleem, Jawed. Yash was very impressed with their written film 'Zanjeer'. Yash decided to name it 'Deewar'. Yash also signed Amitabh for his next five films. These films helped Yash production and made Amitabh a very big star of India. Amitabh was given the title 'Angry Young Man' from the film 'Deeawar''.
                'Deewar' remained on the box office for 100 weeks and it was awarded the title of classic film. This film was different, it had hardly two songs in it and one wasn't a song but it was a Qawali. Second was title song. Hero was also a anti hero from one side. Heroine role was short and she wasn't single though. Hero dies in his brother's hand in the end. Film also had some resemblance of 'Mother India'. Some scenes also resembled from English film 'On the Water Front'. However, Yash Chopra was titled as the film specialist after films 'Deewar', 'Trishol' and 'Kaala Pathar'. Films like 'Kabhi Kabhi' and 'Silsila' are his examples. Year 1980 wasn't a good year for Yash because most of his films didn't 'make that business and whole Indian industry was suffering from this rising of T.V  and V.C.R. Though, after sometime Yash came back on his successful track of film then a film was released on 20 October 1995 which broke all the Indian box office records and made a history. This film was 'Dil Wale Dulhania Lejaynge', which was directed by his own son Udita Chopra. Word like 'blockbuster' wasn't enough for this film because this film remained on the cinemas for a very long time. It was watched on the cinema named 'Maratha Mandir' for literally ten years.
                     Karan Johar was the assistant of Udita Chopra for this film. And it seems like 'Yash Raj Films' germs attacked on Karan Johar too because in 1998 Karan made his own film as a director 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'. Though, it wasn't grossed like 'Dil Wale Dulhania Lejayenge' but it can be called blockbuster film.